Championship Belts

Championship Belts

Saturday, June 13 marked the International Boxing Hall of Fame’s 20th induction weekend Collector’s Convention in Canastota, NY. The date also marked one of the first public appearances by Ardash Sahaghian and the release of Sartonk Designs. As many tri-state metro area boxing insiders have long known, Mr. Sahaghian is responsible for designing virtually all of the boxing belts currently used by professional boxing’s various sanctioning bodies. His contributions span over one of the original WBC belts, the current WBO, WBA, IBA, IBF, WIBF and Ring Magazine belts. They also include early martial arts belts and historic reproductions, such as the John L. Sullivan championship belt. Sahaghian is perhaps most proud of his craftsmanship in the creation of Muhammad Ali’s famous retirement crown. Until now, though, the further one got from New Jersey, the more remote access became to the craftsman.
Championship Belts

Championship Belts

Today, Sahaghian is 87 years old and presides over 30 years of unique contributions to the world of boxing. Executive Director of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Ed Brophy, emphatically noted, “Sir, you are a very important part of boxing history.” Accompanying Sahaghian was his grandson and president of Sartonk Designs, Edward S. Majian. While observing the array of boxing belts and crowns at Saturday’s exhibit, one fan remarked, “This is amazing. It’s such an honor to finally meet you.” Despite Sahaghian’s tremendous accomplishments, he has largely remained an enigma during his decades of creativity. “There’s no question. Opportunists and imitators have taken advantage of his low-key work ethic,” commented Majian. “Once I completed my university studies, I knew it was finally time to introduce my grandfather to the people who have, for so long, admired the symbols of triumph he is responsible for creating.” With his grandfather’s blessings, Majian founded Sartonk Designs five months ago, for the purpose of preserving Sahaghian’s legacy and continuing his work.
Championship Belts

Championship Belts

Between Sahaghian’s signing autographs and posing for photos with fans and celebrity athletes, Majian shared a family scrapbook, which illustrated the modern history of boxing belts and their production, along with a portfolio of Sahaghian’s work, including photos of him at work in the late 1970s. The exhibit was visited by a number of stars, including Hall of Famer Emile Griffith, current WBO champion, Andre Berto, and the Beijing Olympic’s only American boxing medalist, Deontay Wilder. “The [International Boxing Hall of Fame] Weekend is enriched by the number of remarkable people who attend,” commented Majian. “I have been reading about Angelo Dundee’s role in Ali’s life and meeting Mr. Dundee here was a real connection to that history.” Based on the enthusiasm of the many who came to grasp Sahaghian’s hands and admire his work, it appears that Majian was not alone in his sentiments.

Championship belts

Championship belts


At the exhibit’s close, after a promotional name drawing, boxing fan James M. Davey won a Sartonk Designs collectable Muhammad Ali plaque. “Events like this are important. They give fans a chance to see Ardash’s original belts up close, and it’s high time that the boxing community and fans have an opportunity to meet this man,” said Henry Hascup, President of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, who is also an advisor to Sartonk Designs, and a longtime friend of Ardash Sahaghian.
Press inquires and requests for further information about Sahaghian or Sartonk Designs can be directed to contact@sartonk.com or 323.895.4853.
– Sartonk Designs is located in Union City, NJ
– Ardash Sahaghian and wife reside in Weehawken, NJ
– Edward S. Majian is a graduate of Saint Peter’s College, in Jersey City, NJ

Contact, Sartonk Designs



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