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‘Real Deal’ Holyfield tackles a bigger Boxing Foe



ATLANTA (AP) – Evander Holyfield has no intention of hanging up his gloves. In fact, he’ll have a new nickname the next time he climbs into the ring.

The Real Deal is now the Lean Green Fighting Machine.

Refusing to give up on his goal of retiring as heavyweight champion even as he approaches his 47th birthday, Holyfield said he’ll travel to South Korea in November for his next bout—he’s not even sure of the opponent—and bring along a message of preserving the environment.

Boxing, it seems, has another odd partnership.

“I guess I’m lean and green,” Holyfield said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “I’m pretty much going to do all I can to fight against global warming. I’ll see what I can do to help and try to help other people who want to do the same thing.”

He plans a formal announcement Friday about his environmental partnership, which includes building a 40-acre solar energy farm on his suburban Atlanta estate and turning another acre into an organic garden that can be used by neighborhood youths.

Why the environment, champ?

“A mission as big as this needs someone who is recognized through the whole world,” Holyfield said. “We as a people have to come together to save this planet.”

The four-time heavyweight champion seems to have resolved some of his money woes, which were on public display when his sprawling home twice faced foreclosure notices. He recently began appearing in a new Taco Bell advertising campaign and he’s partnering with Global NES-Georgia to build the solar farm on his property.

“My finances are great now,” Holyfield insisted. “When you bless somebody else, then you get blessed too.”

The boxing side of things is more unsettled. He lost his last two bouts, both in bids to claim shares of the fractured heavyweight title. Many thought last December’s disputed majority-decision defeat to towering Russian Nikolai Valuev would mark the end of his quest.

Not so, said Holyfield.

“I will be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world,” he said, repeating a familiar pledge. “I’m sure I will be champion next year sometime.”

Holyfield said there are plans in the works for a Nov. 8 bout in South Korea though he was sketchy about further details, including one that’s fairly important—his opponent.

“Well, I don’t even know,” he said. “A lot of times they don’t give me the opponent. I don’t know who this opponent will be. But I’m sure I’ll be able to make some adjustments when necessary.”

Holyfield will turn 47 next month, and plenty of close advisers and outside observers have called on him to retire from boxing before he gets seriously injured by a younger, quicker opponent. Plus, his legacy as boxing’s only four-time heavyweight champion, the undersized warrior who beat everyone from Mike Tyson to Riddick Bowe to George Foreman, has certainly taken a beating since Holyfield last captured a heavyweight belt in 2000.

He’s won just five of his last 12 fights, a stretch that includes four futile attempts to regain at least some portion of the championship.

“All my life, I’ve had doubters,” Holyfield said. “I don’t start something I can’t finish. … Eventually, I will be heavyweight champ of the world. Then, what are they going to say?”

He’s encouraged by his performance against Valuev, the tallest (7-foot-2) champion in boxing history. The two judges gave Valuev a narrow victory, while the referee scored it a draw. Many at ringside felt Holyfield deserved the decision and WBA belt.

“He had the reach and the strength and the size, all that. And I still hit him more times than he hit me. How did I not win?” Holyfield asked. “I’ve got to fight a little harder next time. I fought hard and thought I fought hard enough to win, but obviously (the judges) didn’t.

“I probably wasn’t old enough,” he jokingly added. “This time, I’ll be a little older.”

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It’s impossible to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. inside the ring!

By Michael R. Cumberbatch – If you did not get an opportunity to catch the Floyd Mayweather Jr. exclusive interview with Sky Sports’ Adam Smith you are probably in the minority amongst boxing fans. Mayweather, whose words are often dismissed by his legion of critics those include fight fans and writers alike for reasons well chronicled. It doesn’t mean that Moneys statements are void of truth.

Boring Fights Because of His Superior Defense

Mayweather can control and dictate the pace and the manner in which his fights play out because of his defensive prowess. This is a gift that few fighters have.. You look at a guy like Bernard Hopkins. When have you seen him get “Beat Up” in any fight? He finishes his fights looking nearly the way he entered. Hopkins like Mayweather controls fights with his defensive skills often making it very difficult and awkward for opponents to land clean solid punches. Defensive wizardry is not easily taught and more often than not a God given talent. Sure you have seen guys able to slip punches because of their quick reflexes only to see that lost with Father Time a la Roy Jones Jr., but what Mayweather possesses is much more than just quick reflexes.

On the other hand it’s amazing how much credit guys who are so called action fighters get because of their style. They are there to hit and get hit. They get credit for absorbing punches. Not only is it not smart to absorb a lot of punishment because we have seen what happens to many fighters once their careers are over. Mayweather wisely points out “those guys can’t enjoy the money they’ve made.”

To sum it up Mayweather is 100% right in saying his critics say his fights are boring but looking closely at the reasons they may feel that way it’s simply because he is that good and defensively he can do what very few can. If his critics were in his shoes and they could go into a fight use, their defensive skills come out barely unscathed and make millions? How many would sign up right now and do exactly what he does?

Trying to make a fighter to beat him

I think the media is as guilty of this as anyone. Fans are fans and they often are going to believe their guy can win and, ultimately, view things through rose-colored glasses. Looking back at the Mayweather vs. Hatton fight- in the weeks leading up to the fight, many scribes said Hatton’s aggressiveness and his Going Forward style would be enough to afford the Hitman a victory. I am not sure whether they actually believed this or if it was more like wishful thinking. It’s like what Prince Naseem said years ago “People watch me because they want to see me lose,” Mayweather is in the same boat as Naseem but numerically multiplied. To his credit, no one else in boxing can say that they carry such an antifan base. Yes, I said to his credit because those antifans buy PPV’S as well because they want to be witnesses to that first L. If Hatton was built up by the media I think some legitimately believe Pacquaio can win.

Pacs opponents cleverly cherrypicked?

Mayweather referred to Erik Morales as being already washed up when he met Pacquaio. You can certainly say Morales was on the decline, after 3 brutal fights with Barrera, he is absolutely right. Ricky Hatton had been already knocked out by Mayweather when he met Pac. We already knew Hatton was not a great fighter. Another point Money made was Pac vs. ODH at welterweight, a weight Money said Oscar had not fought at in nine years. It was more like seven years, eight and a half months but you get the point. Mackie Shilstone the conditioning guru accurately predicted that ODH would have more difficulty going down in weight than Pac moving up. Even though he might have less weight to lose, the man coming down is going to have the bigger problem,” Shilstone told from his New Orleans training center. “It’s easier building a guy up, even if he has a longer way to go, because regardless of what condition he’s in, the one losing weight runs the risk of losing the wrong kind of weight. Freddie Roach knew his man had the decided advantage. Manny weighed 135 lbs for Diaz, but he went into the ring weighing 146 lbs for that one,” Roach said. “Frankly, I think Oscar will be affected by having to make this weight for the first time in years. He got down to 150 for Forbes, but if Forbes could break up his face and rock him a couple of times, I know Pacquiao is much faster and hits a lot harder than Stevie Forbes does.” And lastly Miguel Cotto. Damaged goods coming in as Mayweather stated. You can debate that for the next ten years but what is a fact is that he always had a suspect chin before the Margarito fight. You can remember Cotto visibly hurt holding on for dear life against Chop Chop Corley, Ricardo Torres and resorting to questionable tactics when hurt by Zab Judah.

Mayweather often accused of cherry picking opponents believes Pacquiao and his team does the same thing by picking big names at a downtime in their career.

Perhaps the quote that stands out most was Mayweather saying that a Pacquiao fight would be easier than his fight with Marquez. Time will tell if we can add this to other facts he stated.

Questions or Comments.

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Francisco Rodriguez the boxer no longer with us.

R.I.P. – Francisco Rodriguez


FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ PASSES AWAY FROM HEAD INJURY FOLLOWING CLASSIC BOUT IN PHILLY is saddened to report that 122 lb fighter, Francisco Rodriguez passed away on Sunday evening from injuries that he suffered on Friday night in his thrilling USBA title bout with Teon Kennedy.

Rodriguez of Chicago and Kennedy fought one of the most memorable fights in recent memory in Philadelphia with Kennedy winning via tenth round stoppage.

Rodriguez sat on his stool for approximately five minutes before being unresponsive and then slumping over before being placed on a stretcher and having oxygen applied immediately.

He was then rushed to Hahnemann Hospital in Center City Philadelphia where emergency surgery was performed to relieve pressure on the brain.

He was placed in Intensive Care and never regained consciousness until his passing on Sunday.

Rodriguez, 25 years old, had a record of 14-3 with eight knockouts was born in Guadalajara, Mexico is survived by a wife and five month old daughter sends condolences out to the Rodriguez family

Profile by Julia Borcherts

Francisco Rodriguez, the amateur standout with a 76-6 record who has been consistently ranked in USA Boxing’s Top Ten since his first Golden Gloves appearance at age 15, will make his professional debut in front of a hometown audience at the Aragon Rumble in Chicago on January 14.

The event, which is co-sponsored by Dominic Pesoli’s 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum’s Top Rank, Inc. will feature the first American appearance by super-bantamweight Ricardo “Piolo” Castillo, 12-2 (6 KO’s) of Mexicali, Mexico in a 10-rounder against WBO Latino Champion Edle Ruiz, 24-12-3 (13 KO’s) of Los Mochis, SI, Mexico. Castillo will be accompanied to the ring by his brother, World Lightweight Champion Jose Luis Castillo. The Co-Main event features Chicago middleweights “Macho” Miguel Hernandez, 14-1 (9 KO’s) against “Marvelous” Shay Mobley, 7-4-1 (2 KO’s), of One In A Million, Inc. In addition to Rodriguez, the undercard will also feature Chicago favorites Frankie Tafoya, Ottu Hollifield, Rita Figueroa and Carlos Molina. The main and co-main events will be broadcast on Telefutura.

Rodriguez, a 20-year-old bantamweight, earned a spot at the 2004 National Olympic Trials by winning the Eastern Trials earlier in the year. After he was eliminated in the quarterfinals at the National Trials, he debated about whether to continue boxing as an amateur and compete for a spot on the 2008 Olympic Team or to begin boxing professionally. He also considered giving up boxing entirely.

“It was kind of a long struggle,” Rodriguez says of the decision to continue his boxing career. “It took me about nine months to decide that I was going to turn pro. After the trials, I came home and I was kind of depressed at the decision I got at the last fight. But then I started working out a little bit more and I told my Dad, ‘you know what, I’m going to do a pro fight and see how it goes.’ He’s really been supportive and he knows it’s a big step so he gave me all the pointers he had as a professional. So that’s a really big help.”

Through longtime family friend and attorney Jim Foley, the Rodriguez family contacted Chicago promoter Dominic Pesoli at 8 Count Productions, who was pleased to arrange Francisco’s professional debut.

“Francisco Rodriguez comes with fantastic amateur credentials,” Pesoli notes, “and David Diaz says he has all the talent to be a great pro.”

“He has great skills,” Foley agrees. “And with the power I’ve seen, he’s going to make the shift from amateur to pro very easily; especially under the training of his father.”

Rodriguez’s father, Evaristo, a prizefighter from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico who also fought in Chicago, began bringing Francisco, the youngest of his three sons, to the gym while he was still a baby.

“I first remember coming to the gym when I was about five years old,” Francisco says. “But (Chicago Park District Boxing Director) George Hernandez told me, ‘I remember when you couldn’t even walk and you were in the gym, trying to hit the bag in your Dad’s arms.’ I couldn’t even walk yet and so my Dad had to carry me, and I was already trying to hit the bag.”

Evaristo began training his two older sons, Alejandro and Evaristo, Jr (Tito)., who both competed in the Golden Gloves. Alejandro had good skills but was prone to nosebleeds. Tito, who won the National Golden Gloves Championship at age 17 and then retired from boxing, is widely considered to be one of the best boxers to ever have fought out of Chicago. But Evaristo, Sr. did not have high boxing hopes for Francisco.

“His potential as a kid was not good,” Evaristo Sr. says with a grin. “He wouldn’t really like to train. He always wanted to stay home and play. But as he got older, he started getting into the gym a little more.”

Francisco agrees that he wasn’t all that interested in disciplined routine as a child, and that his father didn’t take him seriously when his interest in boxing returned at age 12 after his brother Evaristo won the National Golden Gloves Championship.

“My Dad didn’t really want to put that much attention into me anymore because of all the years I’d slacked off at the gym and just played with the stuff,” he remembers. “But then he started noticing that I really wanted to do it and that I was putting more effort into it. And then at the age of 13, I fought at the Maywood Tournament of Champions. I fought two years in a row and I won both years at 106#.”

Evaristo began Francisco’s training in earnest, working out of Chicago’s Eckhart Park Boxing Club on Chicago’s near-northwest side. Francisco quickly developed into a well-respected up-and-coming young fighter in the local amateur ranks. At age 15, he jumped straight into the top-level Open Division in his first appearance at the Golden Gloves, which was also his first fight at 112#. He won the City title, which earned him a spot on the Chicago team along with Eckhart Park teammates Juan Antonio Gonzalez and brothers Jimmy and Jorge Gonzalez, as well as Tafoya and Hollifield. Rodriguez, the youngest member of that team, fought his way to several winning decisions over older and more experienced competitors and earned a 3rd place finish.

He returned to the Golden Gloves in 2001, at age 16, and won the National Championship in Las Vegas. He took his First Place trophy back to Chicago and finished his junior year at Kelyvn Park High School, where he graduated in 2002. All in all, he has won five Golden Gloves Championships and is the most recent Chicago boxer to have won a National title. He is also the first Chicagoan to have won at the national level since his brother Evaristo in 1997.

“I fought at 112# for five or six years, but now, I can’t do it any more,” says Rodriguez, who was unable to compete in the National Golden Gloves this year because he could not make the weight limit after winning the Chicago title. “I feel much stronger at 120 or 118,” he continues.

And he’s putting that strength to good use, training with his father at JABB Gym and also at Seward Park, where his brother Evaristo, Jr. is the boxing coach.

“His strong points as a professional will be that he works out a lot and he likes to stay in shape,” says Evaristo, Sr. “And he has a unique style—he has a lot of speed, which is common in his weight class, but he’s also beginning to develop good power, which is unusual in a lighter boxer.”

Francisco agrees that conditioning has been an important part of his training, even more so as a professional than as an amateur. With the absence of protective headgear, the punches are harder and it’s crucial to remain alert and invigorated for longer periods of time.

“Right now, I get up at 7 in the morning and go run for 45 minutes to an hour,” Francisco says. “I go home, rest and then go to the gym. I’m in the gym for 2 _ to 3 hours – sparring, hitting the bags, jumping rope, working on my stomach. I get a good workout.”

He also expects to quickly progress to longer fights if his career begins well.

“I would like to do three fights at four rounds and then move up to six-rounders,” Francisco says. “At my weight, there’s not a lot of fighters, so it’s kind of a fast-paced weight class. In 2 or 2 _ years I could be at the top of my career. But we’ll just take one fight at a time and see how things go.”

Our Hearts go out to his family and friends, and May God be with all during this horrible time.

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Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao to fight Paul “The Punisher” Williams Next at 145lbs?

boxingby James Slater, photo by Peter Mark Heintzelman — Ahead of his fighter Paul “The Punisher” Williams’ December 5th middleweight fight with 34-year-old fellow southpaw Sergio Martinez, 44-1-2(24), trainer George Peterson very kindly gave me the following interview yesterday evening (UK time).

Speaking about the fight his 28-year-old warrior, 37-1(27) will have in Atlantic City, his thoughts on a possible Williams-Manny Pacquiao fight and other things, George gave me the following answers to my questions:

James Slater: It’s great to speak with you again, Sir. First of all, how has camp been going for the Sergio Martinez fight?

George Peterson: Camp has been great. We’ve had a pretty short camp to get ready for a lefthander, but other than that it’s been great..

J.S: And who has Paul been sparring with?

G.P: He’s been working with Curtis Smith and Carlos Quintana.

J.S: Quintana, his former opponent! That must have been interesting?

G.P: What you talking about, James (laughs). Yes, it’s been interesting.

J.S: Seeing as how Paul destroyed him inside a round, I mean, has he been giving Paul good work?

G.P: They’ve been having fun in camp, they’ve been having fun.

J.S: Is Paul sufficiently motivated for this fight with Martinez? He was supposed to have fought Kelly Pavlik in a big, big fight after all. Is Paul pumped for this fight instead?

G.P: Well, you know, he was somewhat disappointed that that fight [with Pavlik] fell through for a third time. It got to the stage where, after the third fall through we couldn’t wait any longer. It was clear what the situation was – he [Pavlik] didn’t want the fight! And then, after we signed to fight Martinez, he goes and signs to fight somebody else. The fight is a pay-per-view fight, the venue is all set up and all this happens in just two weeks! Good God, how can that have happened?

J.S: That did raise some eyebrows, it must be said.

G.P: And the thing is, those three camps we had [for the separate dates that ultimately fell through for the fight with Pavlik], they cost us money. That’s frustrating.

J.S: And is Paul going to take out his frustration on Martinez? Is he gonna be the guy who pays for it all?

G.P: Absolutely. I don’t know why people are saying this will be a tough fight for Paul. I don’t see anything special in him [Martinez] at all. This is not going to be the fight those people think it will be. This could be Paul’s easiest fight.

J.S: And does Paul want a KO, can he get a KO?

G.P: Oh, Paul definitely stops him, definitely. He won’t show any pity on this guy. He’s ready to go. You see, I just don’t see anything special about this guy. I don’t understand what these people are looking at. Paul beat the guy who knocked him out, that I do know.

J.S: Margarito?

G.P: Antonio Margarito, yes. Paul beat him and that’s why he’ll have no respect for Martinez. None at all.

J.S: Not looking too far ahead, but how soon ideally will Paul fight again in 2010? I mean, it will be great seeing him back in action in December, after he’s been out for so long through no fault of his own.

G.P: Yes, we’d get more action if we could get someone to fight us, you see what I’m saying? I mean, Pavlik’s a guy who said he would fight Paul, but he then goes through his theatrics and moves. If you want to fight, just fight!

J.S: You are probably sick and tired of talking about Kelly Pavlik now?

G.P: That’s right. I don’t even want to talk about him anymore. We’ve moved on from that now. But what we’re looking at is Paul fighting a minimum of three fights in 2010. You see, Paul’s thinking about his legacy – he wants to be known as the best fighter in the world pound-for-pound. So to get that distinction he has to fight the best guys. But will they step up and fight him? Paul is a throwback and he’s proven time and again that he’s not afraid of anyone. No fighter, from 147 to 160, can do anything to Paul Williams.

J.S: I read that Paul would like a fight with Manny Pacquiao. Is that a fight you’d advise he take? I know it would be a huge, super-fight!

G.P: Sure! And Paul can make 145 – he’s made it twice before. So there’s no problem there. But I doubt we will see that fight happen. But Paul would love it, that I guarantee. Like I say, he’s a throwback. People have got to realise that. Not only is Paul the number-one fighter no-one wants to fight – he fights the other fighters nobody wants to fight!

J.S: Just talking a bit more about Pacquiao, as he’s the man of the moment. Were you impressed with his win over Cotto?

G.P: I was but I expected him to stop Cotto a lot sooner than he did. Cotto was never the same after the bad beating he took from Margarito. Against Pacquiao, after the 4th-round, he fought to survive and he was running. I kind of knew that would come, because of the terrible beating he took in the Margarito fight.

J.S: Getting back to the Martinez fight. Do you see Paul winning via a highly impressive and quick KO?

G.P: Paul will have plenty of opportunities to take him out quickly. It’s just a matter of when he pulls the trigger – we just haven’t decided on that yet. But this guy will show Paul a whole lot of respect – much more than he has his other opponents. He’ll fight this fight in a different way to his other fights. But he won’t be able to hurt Paul, no matter what he does. Certainly not with those pity-pat punches of his. Paul has a great chin, no doubt at all.

J.S: Yes, he’s proven that, certainly. It’s been a pleasure talking with you, George, as always. And I wish you all the best for the December 5th fight. For my final question; if you could click your fingers and get the best possible opponent for Paul next year, who would it be?

G.P: Well, James, who do you think it should be? For Paul to prove his greatness, who should he fight? You tell me.

J.S: As long as you know he can make welterweight okay and be a hundred-percent strong there, I’d say either Pacquiao or Mayweather.

G.P: Well, there you go. I know the Pacquiao fight is a fight a lot of people would love to see. And Paul never runs from anyone. Who else will fight Pacquiao if not Paul Williams? That’s the problem, though – none of these top fighters are in any rush to face Paul. Hopefully next year, someone in the pound-for-pound ratings will come forward and accept a fight with us.

J.S: Well, as long as Paul keeps on winning and as long as he keeps on taking on these avoided fighters, he’ll get the respect from writers of Ring magazine and all the other experts. I’m sure he has their respect now.

G.P: But they don’t respect him enough, they’re not giving him his just due. You see Ring magazine, I don’t even think they have Paul in their top-ten pound-for-pound list (actually, Paul is in, just – he’s at #10)

J.S: Well I think they should have him top-six for sure.

G.P: Of course they should, but they still don’t give Paul enough respect. As I say, Paul will fight at least three times in 2010; but who will agree to fight him?

What is your opinion?

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Manny Pacquiao Vs. Shane Mosley in the making.

Shane Mosleyby James Slater – There’s no doubt about it, the next man we want to see the superb Manny Pacquiao get in the ring with is the boxer he took over from at the top of the pound-for-pound charts; Floyd Mayweather Junior. Enough has already been written about how much boxing needs this mega, mega-fight. All we can do now is hope the fight gets made.

However, if for any reason (and there could well be a few) the fight doesn’t happen, Pacquiao and Mayweather will have to move on and find someone else to fight. In regards to the man of the moment, Pacquiao, who would he possibly be interested in, and who would you be interested in, him fighting instead of “Money?”

An intriguing welterweight unification bout will take place in January, as WBA champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley and his WBC counterpart, Andre Berto will clash in Las Vegas, the site of Pacquiao’s great fight with and even greater win over Miguel Cotto.. How much motivation would “Pac-Man” get from a chance to beat either Mosley or Berto and add two more belts to his WBO 147-pound crown?

Sure, Pacquiao Vs. either Mosley or Berto would be a poor second to Manny Vs. Floyd, but as a secondary option, such a match-up would be as good as could be found. Mosley has called out Pacquiao a number of times already, and the young and ambitious Berto would surely like the fight also. Mosley even offered to come in at a catch-weight of 143-pounds to get a fight with the pound-for-pound king, and it’s possible Pacquiao would want another fight just below 147 next (another possible reason why the Mayweather fight could fall apart).

Berto is big for a welterweight, but for as much money as a fight with Pacquiao would net him, it’s probable that he too would agree to drop a couple of pounds. Or maybe by next summer, Manny will have added even more muscle to his frame, and he will be willing to box a welterweight at the full welterweight limit. Either way, if Mayweather is out (please, no!) the Mosley-Berto winner is the most attractive option for him; in my opinion anyway.

As to who that winner will be, I go for Mosley, even though he’s 38 and will have been out of action for a solid year by the time he climbs through the ropes inside The Mandalay Bay Arena to meet his unbeaten, 26-year-old rival. So, if my prediction of a “Sugar” victory turns out to be correct, could we see either Pacquiao-Mosley or Pacquiao-Mayweather next summer?

Though it’s “Money” we all want, a battle with Mosley would also be some damned good fight for Pacquiao to take. The welterweight division has never looked this good since the days of Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns!

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Pac Man’s Retires


Manny Paquiao

Manny Paquiao


Paul Strauss – Apparently Manny’s mother, like all loving mothers, wants her son to quit the violent sport in which he has reached hall of fame heights. Not surprisingly she worries about the welfare of her son, and wants what is best for him. She has witnessed his success, and sees the love his Filipino people have for him. She sees the comfortable life that he has earned for himself and his family. She takes pride in the fact that he has been able to help so many. She also understands that by continuing to fight, he jeopardizes all of that.

Manny’s fans unquestionably want him to keep fighting……..preferably forever! They want their hero to conquer all challengers, and continue to bring pride to their country. Boxing fans in general have selfish interest at heart as well. They have received tremendous thrills and enjoyment from the phenomenal fighter, who has won titles in seven different weight divisions.

It’s almost sacrilegious to suggest he might stop now.

At the very least he has to fight and beat Floyd Mayweather, Jr., doesn’t he? If and when he manages that feat, then maybe there’s the winner of the Mosley vs. Berto fight. From there it would be some other up and comer that needs to be shown the real P4P champ. Maybe he could even be talked into fighting Paul Williams, which would definitely be Jack against the Giant.

There are many anti-Mayweather fans who would like to see Little Money get his come-uppance, and who think Manny is just the one to do it. But, wouldn’t it serve Mayweather right if Manny pulled the rug out from under him, and just retired? Then the speculation about the possible winner would continue ad infinitum. It might serve him right, because the question about who was really the best would always haunt him, and Manny and Freddie could sit back and chuckle.

From a practical and caring standpoint, it probably would be a good idea for Manny to hang up his gloves. He obviously has conquered more worlds than Marco Polo, and the urge for wanderlust should subside once he realizes he will remain a hero to his people, and to boxing fans in general He too needs to admit that he hasn’t come away totally unscathed as far as the punishment department is concerned. He has had tough fights, bad cuts, multiple bruises, and repeatedly suffered through the tough rigors of training camp.

Concerned fans don’t want their hero’s to quit, but they also don’t want to see them stay around so long that they subject themselves to the worst. We’ve seen it too often with great fighters like Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali. Great fans reluctantly wonder if it isn’t time for fighters like Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, his brother Raphael, and Israel Vasquez, along with others to quit risking danger and permanent harm. They have paid their dues and earned their recognition.

In Manny’s case, maybe he should have a little fun, sing more songs, make a few movies, and run again for public office. What the heck does he need Mayweather for, or any other fighter for that matter. He has reached the pinnacle or summit. The top of the mountain only slopes down, so why not stay up there where the air is clean and fresh, and enjoy the view.

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Big Problems for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Who’s next for Mayweather?


"Pound for Pound" Best in Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"Pound for Pound" Best in Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.


By Coach Tim Walker – That’s the fun of it all. Waiting and watching to see it all unfold. Universally we all feel that Manny Pacquiao is absolutely next to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. It represents the most money on the table for both fighters. That’s seems to be absolute (still in boxing anything can happen). So who might be next after a fight with Pac. Excluding a Pacquiao-Mayweather blockbuster event that is so dynamic that it warrants a part two here is a list of possibilities. All of these suggestions take into consideration the 5 fight deal he forged with Golden Boy and him making this proclamation prior to the Marquez fight, “If they want it, they can get it!”

Miguel Cotto

Don’t discount Miguel Cotto. Yes he is fresh off the heels of being scrapped by the Pac Man and in the eyes of many might be damaged goods with only a few fights left in him.. There lingers, though slightly, the extra weight he tore off for that fight. In reality Cotto has a nation behind him and national pride, which can be attributed to ticket sales and pay per view buys, goes a long way in a lot of the business decisions that major fights sometimes come down to. Cotto would be very easy to negotiate with given is current position in the fight game and the fact that he might be in cash in then cash out mode.

Ricky Hatton

Don’t rule out a bought with Ricky Hatton in England. Please stop hitting your computer monitor. Breathe. It’s okay. Whoosa.

Hatton is still England’s favorite son and the fight would sell huge over there and garner quite a few buys over here as well. Of course people in the US will totally denounce the fight as unnecessary but people in England will love it. And remember, national pride goes a long way in many of these decisions.

Paul Williams

Don’t think Williams isn’t a possibility for Mayweather as well. Fight fans love Williams and rightfully so but you have to look at what he brings to the table. He is a challenge but he isn’t a super hard puncher. Williams is an accumulative puncher who breaks you down over rounds of constant pressure. Paul doesn’t move a lot but he punches a lot. PBF’s game is defense first. His offense is generated from his defense.

When Paul fought Winky Wright he stood in front of him. Winky didn’t have the defensive presence to avoid any shots. He got hit with everything. We knew that going into the fight. Many of those shots Paul landed on Winky won’t land on Mayweather. Mayweather frustrates fighters out of their fight games and before you know it you’re trying to match him in his game. Paul can’t match him in that regard. The Williams fight will be a big seller because fight fans will make it a big seller because of the challenge it brings to Mayweather.

Antonio Margarito

Margarito is still in the mix believe it or not. Even after it was determined that he did illegally wrap his hands many people, not only Mexican, stood behind him. If he comes back and beats a couple top ten guys all will be forgiven. It might not be forgotten but it will be forgiven. How big would a fight with him be in Los Angeles or Mexico? Mayweather-Marquez did a million PPV buys. Mayweather-Margarito could easily do more.

Shane Mosley

I absolutely think Shane is on the list but I also think he is last on the list because he will be Mayweather’s toughest fight. His defense isn’t nearly as good as PBF’s but then again whose is. What he brings to the table is a formidable challenge. Probably more than any of the fighters previously mentioned. Mosley has the hand speed to offset some of Mayweather’s defense. He won’t stop it but he will get a lot of shots in. Speed generates power and when Mosley’s speed lands how will Mayweather respond? This is another fight that will be huge because die hard fight fans will talk it up and get the casual boxing fan involved and interested.

That’s my take. Who do you think is next for Mayweather?

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