Big Problems for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Who’s next for Mayweather?


"Pound for Pound" Best in Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"Pound for Pound" Best in Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.


By Coach Tim Walker – That’s the fun of it all. Waiting and watching to see it all unfold. Universally we all feel that Manny Pacquiao is absolutely next to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. It represents the most money on the table for both fighters. That’s seems to be absolute (still in boxing anything can happen). So who might be next after a fight with Pac. Excluding a Pacquiao-Mayweather blockbuster event that is so dynamic that it warrants a part two here is a list of possibilities. All of these suggestions take into consideration the 5 fight deal he forged with Golden Boy and him making this proclamation prior to the Marquez fight, “If they want it, they can get it!”

Miguel Cotto

Don’t discount Miguel Cotto. Yes he is fresh off the heels of being scrapped by the Pac Man and in the eyes of many might be damaged goods with only a few fights left in him.. There lingers, though slightly, the extra weight he tore off for that fight. In reality Cotto has a nation behind him and national pride, which can be attributed to ticket sales and pay per view buys, goes a long way in a lot of the business decisions that major fights sometimes come down to. Cotto would be very easy to negotiate with given is current position in the fight game and the fact that he might be in cash in then cash out mode.

Ricky Hatton

Don’t rule out a bought with Ricky Hatton in England. Please stop hitting your computer monitor. Breathe. It’s okay. Whoosa.

Hatton is still England’s favorite son and the fight would sell huge over there and garner quite a few buys over here as well. Of course people in the US will totally denounce the fight as unnecessary but people in England will love it. And remember, national pride goes a long way in many of these decisions.

Paul Williams

Don’t think Williams isn’t a possibility for Mayweather as well. Fight fans love Williams and rightfully so but you have to look at what he brings to the table. He is a challenge but he isn’t a super hard puncher. Williams is an accumulative puncher who breaks you down over rounds of constant pressure. Paul doesn’t move a lot but he punches a lot. PBF’s game is defense first. His offense is generated from his defense.

When Paul fought Winky Wright he stood in front of him. Winky didn’t have the defensive presence to avoid any shots. He got hit with everything. We knew that going into the fight. Many of those shots Paul landed on Winky won’t land on Mayweather. Mayweather frustrates fighters out of their fight games and before you know it you’re trying to match him in his game. Paul can’t match him in that regard. The Williams fight will be a big seller because fight fans will make it a big seller because of the challenge it brings to Mayweather.

Antonio Margarito

Margarito is still in the mix believe it or not. Even after it was determined that he did illegally wrap his hands many people, not only Mexican, stood behind him. If he comes back and beats a couple top ten guys all will be forgiven. It might not be forgotten but it will be forgiven. How big would a fight with him be in Los Angeles or Mexico? Mayweather-Marquez did a million PPV buys. Mayweather-Margarito could easily do more.

Shane Mosley

I absolutely think Shane is on the list but I also think he is last on the list because he will be Mayweather’s toughest fight. His defense isn’t nearly as good as PBF’s but then again whose is. What he brings to the table is a formidable challenge. Probably more than any of the fighters previously mentioned. Mosley has the hand speed to offset some of Mayweather’s defense. He won’t stop it but he will get a lot of shots in. Speed generates power and when Mosley’s speed lands how will Mayweather respond? This is another fight that will be huge because die hard fight fans will talk it up and get the casual boxing fan involved and interested.

That’s my take. Who do you think is next for Mayweather?

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