Pac Man’s Retires


Manny Paquiao

Manny Paquiao


Paul Strauss – Apparently Manny’s mother, like all loving mothers, wants her son to quit the violent sport in which he has reached hall of fame heights. Not surprisingly she worries about the welfare of her son, and wants what is best for him. She has witnessed his success, and sees the love his Filipino people have for him. She sees the comfortable life that he has earned for himself and his family. She takes pride in the fact that he has been able to help so many. She also understands that by continuing to fight, he jeopardizes all of that.

Manny’s fans unquestionably want him to keep fighting……..preferably forever! They want their hero to conquer all challengers, and continue to bring pride to their country. Boxing fans in general have selfish interest at heart as well. They have received tremendous thrills and enjoyment from the phenomenal fighter, who has won titles in seven different weight divisions.

It’s almost sacrilegious to suggest he might stop now.

At the very least he has to fight and beat Floyd Mayweather, Jr., doesn’t he? If and when he manages that feat, then maybe there’s the winner of the Mosley vs. Berto fight. From there it would be some other up and comer that needs to be shown the real P4P champ. Maybe he could even be talked into fighting Paul Williams, which would definitely be Jack against the Giant.

There are many anti-Mayweather fans who would like to see Little Money get his come-uppance, and who think Manny is just the one to do it. But, wouldn’t it serve Mayweather right if Manny pulled the rug out from under him, and just retired? Then the speculation about the possible winner would continue ad infinitum. It might serve him right, because the question about who was really the best would always haunt him, and Manny and Freddie could sit back and chuckle.

From a practical and caring standpoint, it probably would be a good idea for Manny to hang up his gloves. He obviously has conquered more worlds than Marco Polo, and the urge for wanderlust should subside once he realizes he will remain a hero to his people, and to boxing fans in general He too needs to admit that he hasn’t come away totally unscathed as far as the punishment department is concerned. He has had tough fights, bad cuts, multiple bruises, and repeatedly suffered through the tough rigors of training camp.

Concerned fans don’t want their hero’s to quit, but they also don’t want to see them stay around so long that they subject themselves to the worst. We’ve seen it too often with great fighters like Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali. Great fans reluctantly wonder if it isn’t time for fighters like Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, his brother Raphael, and Israel Vasquez, along with others to quit risking danger and permanent harm. They have paid their dues and earned their recognition.

In Manny’s case, maybe he should have a little fun, sing more songs, make a few movies, and run again for public office. What the heck does he need Mayweather for, or any other fighter for that matter. He has reached the pinnacle or summit. The top of the mountain only slopes down, so why not stay up there where the air is clean and fresh, and enjoy the view.

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