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Boxing news-Boxing Buzz-Mayweather vs. Mosley boxing news

Friday’s official weigh-in for Mayweather vs. Mosley is open to the public. A capacity crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena is expected, so fans are encouraged to arrive early (doors open at 1PM). Mayweather, Mosley and undercard fighters will step onto the scale around 3PM.
New foe for super flyweight contender Tomas Rojas (32-11, 22 KOs) on Saturday’s “Top Rank Live!” telecast on Fox Sports Espanol in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Rojas will now face Jorge “Veneno” Cardenas (14-10, 9 KOs).
Mayweather Promotions rising star Jesse Vargas (9-0, 4 KOs) takes on veteran Arturo Morua (25-13-1, 14 KOs) in a non-televised undercard bout on the Mayweather-Mosley card Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Undefeated World Boxing Association (WBA) super welterweight champion and future rabbi Yuri Foreman will make his U.S. network television debut on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tonight! (12:05 a.m. ET/PT). Foreman will then jet back to Brooklyn to resume training for his first title defense, against three-time world champion Miguel Cotto.
Ricardo “Pelon” Dominguez (31-5-2, 19 KOs) will challenge World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight champion Humberto “Zorrita” Soto (51-7-2, 32 KOs) on May 15 in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico. The bout will be broadcast in Mexico on TV Azteca, amd on “Top Rank Live” on Fox Sports in the United States.

Boxing news-Who Are You Picking? Prediction time, Mayweather or Mosley?

Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream Update 

By Coach Tim Walker – I wrote an excellent article evaluating the Floyd Mayweather Junior vs. Shane Mosley fight. I literally covered every point. I worked on it for 5 straight days and was very proud of it in fact. As I attempted to forward it to Eastside my email server suffered a terminal error and the article, which was only stored on the server, was lost to annals of cyberspace to never be seen nor heard of again. Believe me, I worked diligently trying to retrieve it, restore it, and any other word beginning with “re” that I felt might help me find it. Alas, it is long gone. After several hours of trying to get it back, I attempted to rewrite the article. As some of you know, it is difficult to recapture your thought. Instead of beating myself up over it I decided to provide a quick synopsis..

Both fighters are super talented. They have no real weaknesses. They just have points, within their styles, that are less polished than others, but they are certainly good in every aspect of the game. Speed, (about) equal. Power, (maybe) Mosley. Ring generalship, Mayweather. Aggression, Mosley. Defense, Mayweather. In these specific areas one fighter may possess a level of expertise at a higher scale than the other but there are no wholes in either fighter’s game that clearly and obviously gives him an advantage in the whole fight. Having said that, there are two constants governing the physical nature of this bout: 1) Mosley will be aggressive, and 2) Mayweather will utilize his defense.

Mosley, the Trade Off
Mosley is a true talent but he can’t approach this fight from a purely aggressive standpoint. Doing that will make him one dimensional and as we know, whether we want to admit it or not, one dimensional fighters have very little chance against Mayweather. If he just presses against this type of opponent it will take less than a portion of a round for Mayweather to figure him out and capitalize. Instead, Mosley must trade off (if only a bit) of his aggression for strong mental acuity. He must be totally aware of everything going on in the ring at all times.

Mayweather, the Trade Off
Mayweather is a thinking man’s boxer. Not in the sense that if you don’t like him then you don’t have a brain, thinking in the sense of having an affinity towards the high boxing art of hit-and-don’t-be-hit. He fights at a very calm pace and typically evaluates the opposition, adjusts as needed, then punches. Even when having his opponent stunned he will not rush in for the kill. Whether many of want to admit it or not, he possesses a very high ring IQ. Still, in the fight he can not overanalyze. Why? Go back to the two constants governing the physical nature of this match. Mosley, is a constant pressure and if Mayweather spends more time than necessary evaluating he will, in the meantime, be getting hit by Mosley.

Final Point
This fight is not comparable to checkers, it is in fact a virtuoso chess match. I cornucopia of I do this, you do that. You do this, I do that. Based on this, In my opinion, this fight will boil down to a single defining trait, mental acuity. Mental acuity are those on the fly adjustments that reduces your opponents weaponry. The fighter who can eliminate the at the moment weapon of choice will have the clear advantage in mental acuity and in this fight.

Truth be told, I can’t pick a winner. To me this fight is really that close. Sure, I have a preference of fighter but simply having an affinity towards a fighter is not ample reason to stand on it as fact. Instead, I will simply hope to see the best boxing match I have ever seen. For me, that will be enough. Now, it’s time to lay it on the line. We’ve debated for weeks and weeks. In one word or less let it be known. Who are you picking?

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Mayweather v. Mosley boxing news: EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH BOXING

By Earl Blaney – It’s not the fight we want to see, but we’ll watch it anyway. It shouldn’t really be a good one, but that doesn’t really matter. The guy who can’t loose is well capable of doing exactly that. These are some of the oxymoronic statements that underscore this weekends bout between Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley, factual statements that make morons of today’s boxing fans and a mockery of the sport of boxing.

As everyone knows this fight is not the fight that should be fought this weekend..

It is instead a poorly made, promoter produced, “knock off” of a real mega fight (Mayweather-Pacquiao). Like so many lower class consumers, rather than call the police on the back alley dealers, boxing fans opt instead to buy the bag. We know the quality doesn’t match up, but at a distance it looks the same, and for practical reasons it’s useable (well at least until the third or fourth round when the whole thing falls apart). What makes this choice so pathetic for boxing fans is that in boxing “knock off” fights cost the same as the “original” would.

Many people will watch this fight because despite his hiatus from boxing Floyd Mayweather remains one of the best technical boxers in recent history (he would say the best of all time). There is no doubting the former. Unfortunately for boxing and for Mayweather himself, his ego has been in training for much longer and at a greater intensity than his boxing skills. Mayweather’s attitude towards the sport is the biggest obstacle to a fight fans conversion to his self proclaimed worshipility. In fact, rarely has such a talented athlete done so little to advance the sport that he participates in. Unfortunately also, while this situation is an anomaly in sport, it has certainly become a commonality in boxing.

In fairness a criticism of Mayweather’s recent fight history partly represents a criticism of the unskilled labor market making boxing today. His big fights since hitting welterweight (147lbs. 2005) have been against three men; Zab Judah, Ricky Hatton and De la Hoya.

Going into the Judah fight (2005) the undisciplined Judah seemed a bad match for the technical mastery of Mayweather. He was. However, Judah was able to legitimately bully Mayweather around throughout the early fight (highlighted by a legitimate knockdown in the second). The bullying turned ugly later on.

Two things were true of this mismatch. When the two were boxing Mayweather dominated, but when a fight broke out in the boxing ring Mayweather looked very vulnerable. Of course going into the contest Mayweather had no intention of fighting, he wanted to box. This is characteristic of a Mayweather performance. Technically dominating a technically unsound opponent hardly makes Mayweather a great fighter it only makes him a smart fighter. There are a long list of fighters however who were/are both. This of course is the reason people re-watch old Ali fights and don’t and never will re-watch a Mayweather points scoring clinic. Yes Mayweather is good at “boxing” but his fights aren’t good boxing to watch.

Against Oscar De la Hoya Mayweather faced legitimate technical opposition against an opponent who has built his career on losing closely matched big fights and winning promotion contracts to big mismatched ones. Taking away from his victory in this Mayweather’s best true “boxing” match, was the fact that Mayweather was not able to dominate the slowing, aged De La Hoya (any where near the way Pacquiao would, only a year later). Mayweather only managed a spilt decision victory. Impressive? Slightly, but certainly slight of great.

Mayweather was the first to expose Ricky Hatton as a press inflated B class fighter. He didn’t do it in convincing fashion (like Pacquiao did, again about a year later), but he did it none the less. And then, as we remember he went into retirement saying “(he) had nothing left to prove”, while critics were left wondering what in fact he had proved to begin with?

There lies the crux of another problem. In most of today’s sports egos are apparent but controlled; unfortunately it is apparent that today’s boxing is controlled by egos. In what other sport are athletes allowed to unilaterally overrule governing commissions and impose their own rules on the sport (such as what Mayweather attempted to with blood testing regulations leading to the cancellation of the Pacquiao fight)? In what other sport can an athlete enter into competition ignoring the set rules of the contest all together (such as when Mayweather totally ignored the weight limitation for his last fight against Marquez)? In what sport can an athlete self proclaim his greatness and have it legitimately honored by fans when he refuses to face real competition (like Manny Pacquiao)? The answer to these questions sadly is, ONLY IN BOXING.

Due to the sad state of affairs that exist in the sport boxing fans no longer have the distinguishing taste or class to differentiate between fakes and genuine products. Much to the delight of promoters like De La Hoya (and most others) who continue to use be able to use a low class work force to turn out a substandard product that costs just as much as you should pay for the high quality model. On the street, when you buy a fake bag you get what you paid for. In boxing you certainly don’t.

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Boxing news-Mayweather Claims He’s Greater Than Ali And Robinson – Will Shane Mosley Make Him Eat Those Words?

by James Slater – 33-year-old Floyd Mayweather Junior may be unbeaten at 40-0, he may have won himself a handsome collection of titles in a number of weight divisions and he may be one of the greatest fighters of his era. However, unless I’m mistaken, most fans would agree with me that the recent claims “Money” has made about him being a greater fighter than the incomparable duo that is “Sugar” Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali are false.

Mayweather may be better in certain areas than either Ali or the original “Sugar Ray,” but no way does he deserve to call himself a better all-round fighter than either legend. But, ahead of what is arguably the toughest test for him as a pro, certainly at welterweight, against “Sugar” Shane Mosley, Mayweather has indeed stated that he is the best boxer of all-time..

Boxer "Sugar" Shane Mosley (R) and guest arrive at the 2009 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 22, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

“What makes them [Ali and Robinson] any better than I am?” Mayweather is quoted as saying by “Muhammad is one hell of a fighter but Floyd Mayweather is the best. Sugar Ray Robinson is one hell of a fighter but Floyd Mayweather is the best.”

While a whole article could be devoted to just what makes Robinson and Ali better than the man who has (rightly) been accused of being a “cherry picker” when it comes to who he will and will not fight, there is the chance that 38-year-old Mosley will single-handedly force Mayweather to eat his bold words this coming Saturday evening in Las Vegas.

To my way of thinking, Saturday’s scheduled 12-rounder with Mosley IS the toughest fight (on paper at least) that Mayweather has ever agreed to take. Facing his first genuinely world class welterweight, Mayweather is going in with a fighter who has, in my opinion, a very good chance of hitting and hurting him on the way to taking away his unbeaten record.

For the first time in a long time, Mayweather is taking a risk. Never before has he met a fighter who is as fast as he is, and also a harder puncher. Zab Judah, Mayweather’s only notable victim when it comes to him having beaten a genuine welterweight (and Zab was pretty small for the weight, his best performances always coming at 140-pounds), had speed, but he didn’t have Mosley’s one-punch KO power. And Carlos Baldomir, Floyd’s only other genuine welterweight opponent, was big and strong but had no speed or punching power to really speak of.

Against Mosley, a guy who has never been stopped, Mayweather will be in with a big welterweight who is perhaps even a millisecond faster than he is where his hands are concerned, who certainly hits harder than he does (no fragile hands for “Sugar” Shane), is taller than he is and who also has a longer reach.

After having added this all up, I am – for the first time ever – picking a fighter to beat Mayweather. Mosley may be 38 and he may have been out of the ring for well over a year, but he, like Mayweather, never allows himself to get even remotely out of shape between fights and he has been training virtually non-stop since crushing Antonio Margarito. And Mosley is HUNGRY! Annoyed at how he was unable to get a big fight post-Margarito, Mosley will be certain to make the most of the huge opportunity he now has. Mayweather has said Mosley is desperate, and he may be right – but a desperate man is a dangerous man.

What was it Mosley said in the first episode of his upcoming bout’s 24-7 show? “Mayweather says he’s the best of all-time. At some point you’ve got to back that up.”

Mayweather has indeed said he’s the best of all-time, and as such losing to Mosley is not an option for him. But I feel he will lose, on points, and in so doing Floyd will be made to eat his claims of being greater than Ali and Robinson.

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Boxing news-The Tragedy Of Edwin Valero


By John Wight: The tragedies which have befallen boxing over the past year or so would make even the coldest heart weep and the most ardent advocate of the sport begin to question its legitimacy.

First Alexis Arguello, the Nicaraguan legend who graced the ring in the late seventies and early eighties, took his own life last summer whilst in the grip of substance abuse and depression. Shortly after that tragedy another arrived when Atruri Gatti was found dead in a hotel room in Brazil, where he’d been vacationing with his wife, similarly a man who’d been suffering substance abuse problems. Then Vernon Forrest was murdered in Houston during an attempted carjacking during the same period, breathing truth into the old saw that bad luck always comes in threes..

The death of young Irish fighter, Darren Sutherland, later that year, again as a result of suicide, merely seemed to add more weight to the arguments of those of the view that boxing damages its practitioners beyond redemption.

Sadly, and most recently, news of the death of the Venezuelan WBC lightweight champion, Edwin Valero, yet again focuses unwanted attention on a sport that transcends human reason and often times the limits of physical, emotional and mental endurance.

If the facts surrounding this latest tragedy are to be believed, Valero, known to his countrymen and fans as El Dinamita after amassing a 27-fight unbeaten record in which every victory had come by way of knockout, first killed his wife in a hotel room, admitted responsibility for her death to hotel security and to the police when they came to arrest him, and then hours later hanged himself in the police cell in which he was being held.

Emerging in the days following news of the Venezuelan’s death was a history of domestic violence, dysfunction and brain damage as a result of a motorcycle accident nine years previously. Inevitably, the old arguments on the morality of a sport in which two men meet in the middle of a roped off ring to trade blows have also resurfaced, with renewed calls for the sport to be banned on the basis that it constitutes one of the few remaining vestiges of humanity’s brutal and barbaric past.

Even for advocates of boxing’s positive aspects – the way it takes young people off the street, instils discipline, self esteem, respect for others, etc. – an acknowledgment that it is so unlike any other sport as to stand alone must constitute the starting point of any debate over its place in society.

Walk into any boxing establishment from London to Los Angeles, from Manchester to Manila, and you encounter a similar story of poverty, dysfunction and the accumulated anger which comes as a by-product in the backgrounds of those you’ll find punishing themselves in an effort to achieve success in the ring and, with it, the promise of material and spiritual salvation.

To witness a fighter in hard training is to witness a human being in the throes of self flagellation. On a certain level it involves young men attempting to expiate the anger of being born into lives short on love and in many cases long on abuse, not necessarily at the hands of parents, but always at the hands of society as a result of poverty. And this is the part which those smug voices of quick condemnation could never begin to even fathom, much less comprehend. For the truth is that boxing neither glorifies nor encourages violence, much less the kind of despair which lies the root of the litany of human tragedy visited on the sport over the past year. Instead, boxing provides sanctuary and hope for the victims of society’s ills, with its redemptive qualities measured in the number of young men saved from a fate of substance abuse, domestic violence and premature death, and not the other w ay round.

Inevitably, however, there are those who will fall through the net into the pit of despair which boxing hitherto helped them avoid. Boxers still need to function outside the rarefied confines of the gym and the ring. Upon retirement they need to find something to fill the vacuum of inactivity and lack of purpose left by the absence of a high octane existence of excitement, challenge, glory and fame. They need to be able to forge and maintain healthy relationships, deal with all of the shit we all have to deal with in our daily lives.

Here, in the space between athletic endeavour and reality, is where the sport needs to take stock. The pressures and expectations placed on championship fighters by fans, promoters, and managers alike to constantly perform is so great as to be monumental. Fans like their fighters to be more than human, to provide them with a vicarious escape from lives of tedium into a world of glory, courage and invincibility. Promoters and managers like their fighters to win, to sell tickets and make them a shitload of money in the process. Like any business – and professional boxing is a business make no mistake – there is no room for failure, with those at the sharp end, the fighters, assuming the status of commodities, their worth measured in ticket sales and pay per view hits.

What we’re describing here is the way in which the sport reflects society and how, with grinding poverty the fate of so many, supporting the unfettered wealth and luxury of the few, the struggle for success is tantamount to a struggle for survival.

Sadly, not only for boxing but for humanity in general, Edwin Valero is yet another casualty of that perennial struggle.

The one certainty is that more will follow.

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Boxing news-Ledger weighs heavily on Mayweather side against Mosley

By Paul Strauss: It’s an interesting fight to contemplate. Although, most fans and experts say it’s not a difficult one to predict. Mayweather will win, they say. In fact, very few experts are willing to go out on a limb and pick Mosley to win. They might say that Sugar Shane will put up a good fight, or that he will make it interesting, and maybe even exciting, but that is as far as they are willing to go. On the contrary, most say they won’t bet against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. As support for their position, they reiterate what everyone already knows, and that is Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is undefeated and one of the best defensive fighters of all time. In addition, they might correctly add something like, “He is an excellent and accurrate counter puncher.”

Even Nazim Richardson, Mosley’s new trainer, will not try to denegrate Floyd’s ability as a fighter. He admittedly recognizes Floyd’s ability to adapt and adjust when needed. In Floyd, he sees a fighter who doesn’t get flustered and doesn’t lose his cool. Floyd doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses. He seems to have everything a fighter needs to be great. He possesses great footwork and balance. He can get in or out in the blinking of an eye. Or, he can move around and frustrate and opponent. His blindingly fast feet and hand speed enable him to get away with lead rights, and to jump in with a lead left hook without consequences..

When under attack, he can simply move quickly out of range, which might mean something as subtle as a shoulder roll and slight lean back. He might simply catch the punch on his own glove. Or, his opponent’s attempt to pressure him might necessitate a half step back. If his opponent persists, he can quickly snap away even more, and if his opponent keeps coming, he will duck under the punches, and then come in close to smother his attacker’s assault.

In addition, no one roughs him up on the inside. That was always part of Ricky Hatton’s game, but he just couldn’t make it work successfully against Floyd, who understands the importance of proper positioning and leverage. He can spin a man, or step around him. If necessary, he will use his shoulders and elbows effectively, and will do so depending upon the situation. In other words, if his opponent wants to play that game, he will quickly let him know that he can fight that way too, and probably better then just about anyone around. One last thing, he is a master at managing distance. He exhibits great ring generalship, and conducts the fight at his distance. His speed and coordination enable him to do so. The result is his opponents are always ending up over-extending themselves in order to land a punch on him. When they do so, they are left exposed to one or more of his sharp effective counter punches.

Let’s just quickly go over a check list and see if there are any important ingredients of a great fighter that Floyd doesn’t have. 1) Speed – Nope, he has incredible speed with both movement and punching. 2) Hand to eye coordination – He doesn’t miss an opportunity for counter punches. He is always wide-eyed and fully understands a fighter is most vulnerable when he is punching. 3) Technical flaws or weaknesses – Nope, he doesn’t make mistakes. He is never out of position or off balance, and he will not allow anyone to egg him into taking foolish chances. 4) Poor Conditioning – Nope, he is a noted gym rat, who loves to work out and stay in shape. There’s no chance he will run out of gas. 5) Positive attitude – Yep, he’s got that too. He doesn’t really know anything other than boxing. He has been raised in its environment. He eats and sleeps it. He hasn’t tasted defeat, and geniunely doesn’t expect that he can be beaten. 6) Unable to deal with the big show – Again the answer is no. He’s successfully been through it before. He is not fazed by critics, or those who dislike him or his antics. He is comfortable with who he is and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or says.

The picture of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. we’ve painted is a pretty daunting one for Sugar Shane Mosley to view. It would appear the odds are so far out of whack that one can only hope for a relatively interesting fight, but not really hold out any realistic hope for a Mosley victory. Oh sure, there have been plenty of upsets over the years, and some pretty goods ones recently as well. One involved Shane if you will recall. But, does this fight really have the chance of being another upset?

What do fans and the experts think about Shane? Obviously, he is a very popular and exciting fighter. He lives to please the fans. He wants to give them a knockout if at all possible, and fans love him for it. He most recently destroyed the monster image Antonio Margarito carried into the ring with him when the two of them battled. However, everyone knows about his miss-steps against Vernon Forrest and Roanld Winky Wright, and the close decision loss to Miquel Cotto. Do those loses fairly and realistically remove from him any real chance at victory against Floyd?

When you apply the same checklist to Shane, you come up a bit short in some areas. He’s fast, but probably not as fast as Floyd.

He is a wonderful athelete, but doesn’t possess the incredible reflexes, vision and punching accuracy that Floyd possesses. Technically, Shane does make mistakes, mainly because he takes chances. He is an exciting fighter, and most exciting fighters have to expose themselves to danger in order to accomplish what they desire. He definitely is vulnerable for right hands, and Floyd has both a great counter and lead right hand. Shane also remains fairly straight up, and presents a much larger target than Floyd will present. As far as conditioning is concerned, there’s probably not much chance that Shane will run out of gas either, and he too has been in the big show many times, and successfully. His life is also boxing. His father taught him from an early age, so boxing is deeply ingrained in him.

Hence, it would appear the balance tips more than slightly to the Mayweather side of the ledger. Any liabilities on Floyd’s side probably rest more with his popularity and legacy than with his skills. There remains a bit of gray area though, because there’s always the possibility a very good fighter like Shane might land a good hard punch or punches, and no one knows for sure how Floyd will react. That’s one thing we didn’t talk about earlier on the checklist, and that’s heart. Floyd’s never been in a really tough fight, so he hasn’t had the opportunity to demonstrate what kind of heart he possesses. Chances are he will come out well there too, but even he doesn’t yet know the answer to that one.

Sometimes the unusual or unpredictable fighter wins over the more skilled and talented. Many times it’s nothing more than a conflicting matchup of styles. It’s a good bet that Shane and Nazim know and appreciate that fact, and they will take more than a few chances to create problems for Floyd. Shane trusts his chin and overall toughness, so he will be willing to be “vulnerable” for a moment here and there in an attempt to confuse Floyd and possibly land a telling blow that might start the action going his way. It’s also a good bet that Shane will not play into Floyd’s strength’s, and let him manage distance and pot-shot him. Look for Shane to employ abupt shifts and transitions, coupled with unusual punch angles to deal with Floyd’s elusiveness. Can he pull it off? Most, understandably, say no. But, just as critics don’t faze Floyd, neither do they concern Sugar Shane and his new trainer Nazim Richardson. They too have no illusions and understand perfectly well what’s ahead of them. They are firmly convinced they know how to come away with the victory. It’s not a false hope either. They are truly students of the game and have carefully analyzed not only the strengths and weaknesses of their opponent, but Shane’s as well. They see no need for bad mouthing or down grading their opponent. Rather, it’s just calm, cool and calculating preparation they demonstrate for the task at hand. As a result, they will not hesitate a bit in letting you know that betting on Shane to win is a good bet. .
Article posted on 26.04.2010

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Mikkel Kessler decisions Carl Froch in Denmark

 by SC on Apr 24, 2010 6:16 PM EDT in Post-Fight Analysis Comment 40 comments

Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler did battle today in Denmark. (Photo by John Gichigi / Getty Images) Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler did battle today in Denmark. (Photo by John Gichigi / Getty Images)

In a tremendous fight that likely leads the Fight of the Year race for 2010, Mikkel Kessler outpointed Carl Froch to take Froch’s undefeated record and his WBC title, and get himself squarely back into the Super Six World Boxing Classic race.

 Kessler (43-2, 32 KO) won on scores of 115-113, 116-112 and 117-111. Bad Left Hook scored it 115-113 for Kessler, with the “Viking Warrior” sealing the deal in an electric, Rocky-like 12th round effort from both men. It was Kessler who controlled most of the fight, pressed most of the action, and just did the better overall work. Froch had his moments, and won some rounds, and was close in some more, but he came up just short. Carl Froch has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and immediately post-fight he didn’t complain too much. He simply said if it was at home, he feels he would have won. (In a bit of hilarity, the in-ring interviewer basically said, “Yeah, we saw that in your last fight,” and moved on.)

 This is probably the biggest, best and most important win of Kessler’s career. He looked relaxed in the ring, and even when a bad cut was opened late in the fight, he didn’t panic or get out of his gameplan. Froch seemed a bit off in this one, truthfully, but that was probably more caused by Kessler not ever getting too flustered. Froch just did not get the openings he might have expected, and found himself in a dog fight with a guy who supposedly could be beaten mentally.

 Froch (26-1, 20 KO) faces Arthur Abraham next, tentatively in August. Kessler’s third Super Six fight will be against Allan Green, who fights Andre Ward on June 19. Froch-Abraham is shaping up to be a crazy war of a brawl, as both will have everything to gain and lose in that one. The updated Super Six standings have Abraham still ahead at 3 points (two fights), followed by Andre Ward (one fight), Andre Dirrell (two fights), Kessler (two fights) and Froch (two fights) at two points apiece. Green has no points. Can you imagine if Allan Green upset Andre Ward in June? This whole thing would be bananas.

 Hats should be off this evening to Mikkel Kessler, who came back strong from a terrible loss to Ward and out-fought the always-game Froch, who gave his all as usual and can hold his head up high. It was a fantastic fight and a gritty display

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