Boxing-News-Articles-Fightnews on Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley

Mayweather-Mosley: Look for Floyd to stink out the joint

April 14th, 2010 By Chris Williams:

I expect for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to start out strong against Shane Mosley on May 1st. I think Mayweather intends on trying to make this fight one of his more exciting fights, but I think Mayweather is going to change his plans abruptly as soon as he tastes some of Mosley’s power in the opening round. All it will take is a shot or two and I see Mayweather running for then rest of the fight, playing keep away with Mosley to avoid getting hit anymore times in the fight.

Using that kind of style, Mayweather is virtually unbeatable to all but a fighter who a deadly knockout punch. For Mosley to beat Mayweather when he’s in full flight mode, he would have to have the one punch knockout power of a young Julian Jackson to beat Mayweather. It would take a big shot because other than that, Mosley is probably going to be too old to catch up with Mayweather on a consistent enough basis to beat him by a decision. A crowd friendly fight, this will not be.

 I think it’s going to be a big stinker because Mayweather will do what he has to do to not get hit and win the fight. That’s what he does. He’s a defensive fighter not an offensive fighter. He’s good at hitting and running and making his opponents miss. Mayweather has been fighting small guys for the past five years or so, and dominating them because of his size advantage. Mosley is bigger than Mayweather and more consistent power.

That alone tells me that Mayweather won’t want to stand and trade with Mosley, even though Mosley is almost 40-years-old. The thing of it is the undercard of this fight is absolutely filled with mismatches. I don’t mind seeing some prospects but not when that’s all there really is. This card is basically just the main event and not much else. There’s no competitive fights on the undercard and I’m hoping they’ll add a couple of fighters to the card and put them with a decent opponent because all there is the main event, and I think that’s going to be a track meet with Mayweather running all night long and frustrating fans and Mosley.

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2 Responses to “Boxing-News-Articles-Fightnews on Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley”

  1. 2010/05/09 at 4:40

    Well looks like you were wrong huh? Mayweather took those right hands in the 2nd round and continued to trudge forward instead of backing up. He flipped the script on Mosley.

    • 2 miltonluban
      2010/05/09 at 4:40

      You are correct I was wrong! And I think he will do the same to Paquiao! Man he’s going to be 41-0, 42-0, 43-0 and continue to beat them all!

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