Boxing News-When the Boxing Dragon Started Spitting fire why didn’t Shane Mosley step on his tail??


Robert Jackson: “I think this kid will rumble, Shane will punch him in the mouth and Floyd will sprout wings and grow a tail and spit fire, then Shane will step on his tail and hit him in the stomach”, profound words from Mosley trainer Brother Naazim Richardson and EXACTLY how things happened after a dominating round 2 where Mosley literally hit Money Mayweather in the mouth twice with right hands the second time almost putting Mayweather down. In the 3rd Mayweather came out spitting fire daring Mosley to step on his tail. The remaining rounds of the fight were dominated by the man called ‘Money’.

Why didn’t Shane Mosley step on his tail?? According to Floyd Mayweather Sr, during one of the 24/7 episodes characterized Mosley’s style as being jittery, I would call it herky-jerky, Floyd Sr went on to say that this habit of Mosley’s would play right into Lil Floyd’s hands, it did.. How so, it was a ‘tell’ as to what punch Mosley would throw – what Mosley’s intentions were, especially the right hand. Mosley’s lack of diversification in his punching combinations and his lack of a legitimate jab pointed out by Roger Mayweather led to Mosley’s downfall.

Mayweather adapted quickly after the second round and contrary to HBO announcers Lampley and Merchants assertion that there was panic in the Mayweather corner between the 2nd and 3rd rounds there was NO PANIC; in fact Mayweather recovered and finished off the 2nd round strong an indication of what was to come. Floyd Mayweather fights UP to his level of competition and that was the case Saturday night because in the 3rd round Mayweather didn’t RUN as his naysayers said he would Mayweather took the fight to Mosley, stood his ground and fought toe-to-toe with the Californian. Mayweather’s physical strength was apparent as he wrestled and wrangled with Mosley and got the better of the exchanges and physical confrontations. Mosley looked the worse for the wear into the 4th and 5th rounds and was obviously winded, while Mayweather teed off with jabs, rights hands and left hooks. Further down the road into the late rounds it was obvious that Mosley didn’t know what to do, was frustrated and in a daze in the corner between rounds, at one point Richardson REQUIRED that Mosley REPEAT back to him his corner instructions which Mosley hesitatingly did, NOT a good sign.


Mayweather the BULLY from round 3 on never let up attacking Mosley with his full arsenal while kicking his DEFENSE into overdrive, after the 2nd round Mosley NEVER landed another significant or game changing punch even though Mayweather stood right there in front of him. During round 8 or 9 Mayweather cold cocked a talking Mosley who forgot one of boxing’s basic tenets “protect yourself at ALL TIMES”. Mayweather’s MENTAL FORTITUDE was on full display Saturday night and that was only one of the advantages that ‘Money May’ had over his opponent. The boxing expertise, speed, ring generalship, scrappiness, CHIN, and ‘will to win’ were in full display. Most expected Mayweather to win, but not in the manner he did, he was expected to hit and run coasting to an easy Unanimous Decision victory.

What does this win do for Mayweather? Plenty, Mayweather wasn’t expected to be SO dominant over Shane Mosley arguably one of the best 147lbers of all time. Many Mayweather critics who have accused Mayweather of ducking Mosley and others will have to rethink their criticism and give PBF his just due. This win puts Mayweather in the driver’s seat for ANY negotiations to make a Pacquiao fight, and when the PPV numbers come in ALL of the terms of such a fight will DEFINITELY be SKEWED Lil Floyd’s way. Larry Merchant HBO’s resident interrogator was more reserved than usual during the post-fight interview with Mayweather who took command of the conversation and laid out the terms of any matchup with Pacquiao, Merchant did NOT challenge Mayweather as he usually does. Merchant DID challenge Mosley who was unable to respond.

Will Mayweather’s detractors give him credit? NO, excuses for Mosley’s dismal performance will be put forth and HATING will begin again. Mayweather will be expected to fight Pacquiao, Paul Williams and others before his naysayers even consider to give him his respect. To Mayweather naysayers I say don’t be surprised if Money Mayweather moves up to 160lbs to take on Sergio Martinez, and when he beats him what will you say then?

Shane Mosley didn’t STEP on the Dragon’s tail because the DRAGON was spitting too much fire and wouldn’t let him!!


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