Floyd Mayweather Jr. lets face it your scared!

HOLLYWOOD, California – Resurrecting the ‘spirit of controversy’ from thirty to twenty four days testing windows for random blood draws, Team Mayweather said they’d be agreeable to drug testing 14 days before the fight, which now Manny Pacquiao says ‘okay’, at least according to news report by Nick Giongco via Manila Bulletin.

As of this writing, all the boxing writers and fans can do is circumvent with speculations whatever takes place at the negotiation table as to the specific deals between Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank and Richard Schaefer, who represents Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in the last failed negotiation that ended down with the 14 days window for random blood testing which Pacquiao initially rejected.

Arum, 78, “called off” the talk in the early of January between the camps of Mayweather and Pacquiao amid in what seems to be an uncompromising and “endless” demand of the Mayweather camp relative to blood testing as said.

“And I bet you even if his demands are met, he will have to spotlight, again and again, another set of excuses. It’s pathetic his demands are endless. He wakes up with a new demand each day after every nightmare, ” said Arum during his last attempt to finalize the purported contract. Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiation, as aborted for March 13, 2010 fight schedule, which location has to be agreed upon by both parties as well, is on moratorium until an official resumption is called on for by both parties.

Unconfirmed report has it that behind the press negotiation may have started already upon the arrival of Arum in the U. S. from the Philippines where he had a courtesy visit in Sarangani, Philippines to support the candidacy of Pacquiao for the 15th Congress in the last May 10 elections.

Arum has been upbeat lately about resuming negotiation as Pacquiao got an ‘OK’ from his mother, Mommy D., for one more fight.

Pacquiao declares he has ‘one more fight left in him’.

Let’s face it: Mayweather, Jr. should have no more excuses. As for financial sharing ratio, 50-50 should be fair enough to make it happen.

Talk about ‘gag order’, forget it  the boxing public cannot really take the heat. In fact, many are set to tap their keyboards in a schizophrenic haste in the forums…yes, ready once more, at least  for a week of sleepless moments with raising thoughts before November 13 hits the sunlight of Fall.

Indeed, the heat is on once again! And expect more expletives, especially the unimaginable ones at the crossroads of debates and insults.

Agreeing to a blood compact, Pacquiao does not really believe about the power of Voodoo King Mayweather, Jr.

Now, Mayweather, Jr. has three controlling factors: size, blood and spirit. But, the greatest of all is the spirit.

Yes, the most devastating of all is his being a boxing spiritualist, of which he himself has now successfully crept in Pacquiao’s mind. November 13, 2010 can become the Black Sabbath of the West.

Floyd Mayweather needs ever advantage he can get cause he himself knows he can not win without them!

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