Last Words from Ward and Green Camps

boxingby Waldon “TBD” White- On Saturday June 19th WBA Champion Andre Ward who weighed in at 167 & 3/4lbs defends his title against Allan Green coming in today at 166lbs at the Oracle Arena in Oakland California. This fight is a part of Showtime’s Super Six Boxing Classic tournament starting at 10 PM ET/PT which will determine the best of the best in the exciting 168 pound Super Middleweight Division. Tomorrow’s fight will be one of the biggest test for unbeaten Olympian Andre Ward who is the favorite his upcoming bout with the dangerous Allan Green. Many words have been said by both camps in regards to the other in this intriguing match up which will be one of Ward’s toughest test to date. Green, who feels that he shouldn’t have been overlooked originally during the composition of the tournament for Jermaine Taylor will now have a chance to show the world why he should have been included from the gate. Most pundits say that Green has the ability to stop the fight at anytime with one punch and holds the edge in power, while others point to Wards exceptional ring presence and natural boxing ability. Not at a loss for words both camps have traded barbs with one another and had stern warnings for their opponents. Virgil Hunter, Ward’s trainer and mentor had very sharp words for the Green camp in response to comments made by Green and his trainer..

Virgil: ” It will be a devastating victory for Andre Ward come Saturday, I’ve gotten to them… the Green camp is upset at me because I’m telling them that my fighter is going to tear their man up. I’m putting more pressure on Green because I have seen some of his flaws and he is now fighting with something to prove. I know that the first thing that happens bad in the ring to Green early on will signal the beginning of his demise. I’m going to keep the mental pressure on him and his camp and I will not let up!”


Andre Ward not one to do much talking outside of the ring and a fighter not predisposed to pre fight trash talk let his trainer and management/promotional team do most of the speaking. Andre stated that he’s ready to talk inside the ring and defend his title successfully against Allan Green rather than get into a mental war of words before the fight takes place. Today after the weigh in during the face off Ward and Green clearly began to talk to each other with the two eventually having to be separated. The tension that has built for this fight was clearly evident at the weigh in with Green’s camp highly emotional and energized ready to fight. Andre Ward displayed a almost unreal calmness and focused disposition up until the face off which showed a rare look at Wards more aggressive side usually only reserved for the ring. Allen Green looked determined to prove his place in the division and quite ready to get it on in the ring as well. I asked Green if he had any last words for the public and his detractors before the fight.

Allan Green: “I mean I feel great I’m just ready to relax and eat and prepare myself for the fight tomorrow.”

TBD: “What were you and Andre Ward talking about when you were in each other’s faces at the faceoff?”


Allan Green: “Well he kept saying I was a bully and I have my time coming and that it’s going to take a whole lot to dissect me and if my mother was not here right now I’d tell you the rest!”

It would seem that some bad blood has been thrown into the pool and tomorrow’s match will not be for the feint of heart as Allen Green has indicated that although he will not look for a knockout he will take it any moment that the Champion makes a mistake in the ring. Andre Ward and his camp believe that his discipline, work ethic and focus will enable him to make the best showing of his career. One thing that is for sure is that tomorrow’s fight will be exciting with many believing the winner will be the favorite to take the rest of the tournament. One thing is clear to me…Both of these men have come to fight.

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