5 things Floyd Mayweather would Have to Do to Knock out Manny Pacquiao

LAS VEGAS - APRIL 14:  Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. works out with help from (L-R) camp coordinator DeJuan Blake, massage therapist John Sinclair, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe and cornerman Rafael Garcia April 14, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather is scheduled to face Shane Mosley in a 12-round welterweight bout on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

“I think Floyd will win. I think a lot of the shots that Pacquiao is going to throw at him is not going to hit him. Floyd is an expert at counter punches,” – Zab Judah.

“He has the great defense. He can move, move, move. Pacquiao has the power, but Mayweather has the intelligence, the speed and the counter punches,” – Juan Manuel Marquez. 

“Mayweather is so good he doesn’t let you get any punches off. If he makes Pacquiao miss he’ll take the sting out of him,” – Ricky Hatton.

“Floyd just called and woke my a** up. I’m still half asleep. That’s my boy anybody wants to do something to him get me first. Floyd told me I ain’t going to beat him [Pacquiao], I’m going to knock that motherf***** out. For what they been saying about me,’ – Curtis Jackson.

“The thing is, I don’t want the fans to be really shocked by what will happen when we do happen to meet up because it’s not going to be anything new – he’s been knocked out before and he’s taken losses. I’ll be victorious, you can believe it,” – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The past few years have changed a lot for boxing sensations Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. We have learned that Mayweather Jr. likes to relax, taking long breaks and avoiding commitments. We have also learned that Manny Pacquiao can manage bigger and stronger guys, taking his chin to the ultimate test. Both fighters have been the hot topic of boxing for way too long, and time is of essence in this particular scenario.  

93193217_crop_340x234 Al Bello/Getty Images

This lag is frustrating to the boxing community, as both men are getting older and the chances for an explosive fight are shrinking. Whether this interval is due to fear, money, or even pride: all needs to be worked out in a timely fashion. As boxing legends, they owe this fight to the fans, and would leave many people unhappy if the fight never came to fruition.

The topic of Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao has been chewed over more times than any other fight in boxing history. I believe this is so, due to the invention and the ease of use of internet, as sources explode exponentially year after year. Both fighters have been dissected over and over, with fans and the media digging in deep, looking at everything, from their sports related attributes to family issues.

Inarguably, the hypothetical result of their proposed match has gotten by far the biggest piece of the coverage pie. The Pacquiao fans stand by their hero, blasting Mayweather Jr. and his camp. The Mayweather Jr. army of followers has also been there to defend their fighter, pleading their case of the Mayweather Jr. dominance. Still, there is an evident misbalance.

Try going to Google, and searching for “How Pacquiao will knock out Mayweather Jr.” and you will find countless pages of the requested material. Then, try typing in the following and see what happens: “How Mayweather Jr. will knock out Pacquiao.” What you will find, is that the majority of the search finding will once again be talking about how Pacquiao can or will knock out Mayweather Jr. There will only be a handful of results accurately matching your query.

I am a fanatic of neither, simply a boxing fan and writer stuck between a rock and a hard place. Realizing this fight needs to happen, pressures everyone to keep up the writing, conversing, and hypothesizing on the topic. After seeing the gross lack of pieces on Mayweather’s possibility of knocking Pacquiao out, I have decided to cover just that.

I am one of the many boxing enthusiasts that believe that Mayweather Jr. has a chance of knocking out Pacquiao. Maybe that chance is slim; still it’s a very achievable result for Mayweather Jr. So what should Mayweather Jr. do in order to have a shot at knocking Pacquiao down, if not out?

1) Strategy: This opponent is going to be unlike any other Floyd has ever faced. Unrelentingly coming forward will be Pacquiao’s only moving direction. He will be glad to take punches only to give some back. Pacquiao is pretty quick on is feet, with immense hand speed. What I believe to be the best strategy for Floyd, is to utilize a mix of lateral and back movement (curved), causing Pacquiao to swing and potentially miss. With repetition, this would force Pacquiao to throw wider punches, allowing Floyd to counter. Strategy would need to be tailored carefully by team Mayweather Jr., taking time and looking into details. Floyd’s defensive style may leave him a bit too exposed for Pacquiao’s punishing body shots, and that’s something that also needs to be carefully thought out and improved. Floyd likes to lean on the ropes and use his shoulder roll defense to avoid getting hit; this will definitely fail against Pacquiao. Staying away from corners and ropes is a necessity. Solid and practiced alternative plans are a must against a superb fighter with a magician Freddie Roach in their corner.   

2) Constant Peppering Jab: Remember when Pacquiao fought Juan Manuel Marquez, both men went through a real war. This was due to Marquez’s insistent pressure, coming at Pacquiao with shot after shot, not giving him a break and opportunity to recompose. Mayweather Jr. needs to keep his stinging jab out there, putting it to use from bell to bell. Regularity of his accurate jab would surely derail Pacquiao’s offense, causing the need for Pacquiao to retract and put himself back together (which Pacquiao undeniably does in every fight). With a glove constantly in his face, Pacquiao would have to rely on either walking through numerous punches or taking angles in order to see his constantly moving and well defended target.

3) Power: I can’t stress this one enough. Sure, even the lightest punches add up and can bring any fighter’s back to the canvas, but the likelihood of that fighter being Manny Pacquiao is next to none. Numbers won’t do for Mayweather Jr. if he is planning on doing real damage and sending Pacquiao to the floor. Floyd’s stamina is unquestioned, and neither is his hand speed. What he would need to focus on during preparations for this fight, is raw power. If he can put a little more weight behind his punches and combine that with momentum, he will be much more effective, causing Pacquiao to realize this is not the Mayweather power he has heard of. Floyd is a terrific technical fighter, and pooled together with power, he will become a very dangerous man for Pacquiao to face.

4) Fight Tall: Mayweather Jr. tends to “play games” with his smaller opposition, giving them an opportunity to hit, just to pull back and throw a counter left hook. This would prove to be a very costly mistake if “played” against someone as fast and aggressive as Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao would not be content with one punch, and instead would leap in with a remorseless offensive barrage. Mayweather Jr. needs to fight tall, creating a bigger distance between himself and Pacquiao. That along with his jab would provide a much safer environment to think and execute. Pacquiao successfully fought bigger opposition before, but none could commit to a volume of punches that would compare to that of Pacquiao; Mayweather can..

5) Fight a Smart Yet Ignorant Fight: I believe Floyd Mayweather Jr. to be the smartest boxer inside the ring at this point in time. This is hardly ever questioned, and often agreed upon. The problem is in the severity of the use of his ring intelligence, as it generally equates to boring, low action fights. Having said that, we have also seen Mayweather Jr. knock out his competition in some impressive fashion; moving backwards. Taking his time and letting Pacquiao go to work is asking for trouble. Mayweather Jr. needs to have an accurate and optimal balance between technicality and aggression against Pacquiao. He is more than capable of mixing it up, and while he got wobbled against Shane Mosley, I strongly believe that a fresh Mosley punches considerably harder than Pacquiao at any given time. If Floyd can land punches in bunches and not be fearful of Pacquiao’s response, he may very well overwhelm Manny with everything he can accomplish.

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All other attributes are solid when it comes to Mayweather’s ring performance. It is awfully hard to think of, and put together a plan that allows for a knockout of Pacquiao, but is not impossible. Pacquiao is just too damn good to think of a foolproof plan against him. With Freddie Roach by his side, Pacquiao would be more than ready for whatever Mayweather Jr. throws at him.

Pacquiao has changed his fighting style and strategy many times over, so in essence, most of his arsenal has been exposed to anyone who wishes to invest time and pay attention. Mayweather Jr. on the other hand has been able to remain the same as far as fighting style goes. That is exactly why I think he could surprise both Pacquiao and Roach; by coming in a different fighter into that fight. More aggression and pressure from Mayweather Jr. would most definitely surprise anyone watching that fight, and potentially perplex the Filipino sensation as the fight progresses.

Some will say that there is nothing Mayweather Jr. could do to Pacquiao that hasn’t been done yet, including landing hard shots. True, Pacquiao has fought naturally bigger guys, but have any of them been able to land high volume? Not that I can remember.

Simply put, if Floyd Mayweather Jr. can become the bigger version of Juan Manuel Marquez, he has the ability knock Manny Pacquiao down, and perhaps even knock him out.

PS: Mayweather Jr. will have to do more and prepare harder for this fight than Manny Pacquiao will. At this point Pacquiao has the edge, barely. Can Mayweather Jr. take that edge away? I hope we can find out sooner rather than later.       



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