This is why I’m hot hot..this is why I’m hot hot..have you listened to the Mim’s song..its a wow. You know there are songs which can instantaneously make you feel upbeat, this is one of them. When I think of upbeat, to motivation to aggression, the name that comes to my mind is an epitome of aggression, Cassius clay AKA Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali, the king of trash talks, he used it as a bait to make his opponent loose the temperament before the match. Once he shouted to his opponent sonny Liston, ‘you are smelling like a bear’ and vowed to donate him to the zoo after he beats him. He he…just imagine the level of burn in Liston.
The above image is not of good quality but it’s self-explanatory, we can see that the signature has changed over the years, and its fascinating how the rules of graphology can be tallied with real life events. His career started in 1960 and by the end of 1963, clay has record of 19-0 with 15 knock outs, and in 1964 he was a contender for heavy weight championship title. You can see the roaring confidence in the signature, the open-top ‘a’ tells us about the trash talks, the above and forward ‘i’ dot signifies the super-confidence. In 1965 he was already a heavyweight champion, and along with the bulging confidence (as ‘i’ dot goes more forward) we can find the hint of spirituality in his signature. There are significant upper loops in ‘a’, ‘d’, & ‘h’ with his surname uplifting from the baseline. The raging bull was finally slowing down as his bouts were going till the 15th round and he knew subconsciously his era was ending and that reflected in the signature (78′ sample),the overall upward movement is gone, spiritual confidence is no where as no upper loops are there. Afterwards he tried to recover his image as a boxer but all is gone by then. His 1981 writing shows although he tried to keep superstar image by the large ‘m’ as earlier but no significant loops, overly stressed middle zone tells us that he has got much involved in his day to day family life.


The signature comparison provides so much information, that a 1000 words essay can be written out of it, but lets keep it crisp, so that the crunch doesn’t go from the time I write it, to till the time you read it.


Here goes another writing sample of Muhammad Ali

If you are aware of meaning of slants in Handwriting, you can understand that this type of slant is not normal for a person like Muhammad Ali, They are almost like a Type-I hand writing. We have already received the hint of his higher involvement in day to day activities from his last signature, along with that when we see the writing style of ‘I’, which is looking like it got slipped and fell into the floor with top round squeezed to nothing, we can understand that at this stage of life he lacked both spiritual and sporting interest, and was emotionally dependent, involved with the woman in his life.

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